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HelpMe Pro

All of your loved ones should have HelpMe Pro installed on their device. HelpMe Pro could easily save you or your loved ones life, at the very least HelpMe Pro tries to give peace of mind to those of us who worry about our loved ones in the world today. HelpMe Pro tries to protect those you care about.

Lost, abducted, frightened, HelpMe Pro once activated will send your distress message and address location instantly to everyone on your configurable contacts list. Add as many contacts as needed in HelpMe Pro. Each contact added is configurable by long pressing the contact name once added.

HelpMe Pro works silently if configured to operate in Quiet Mode, meaning your contact hears what you hear through the open phone line without anyone else knowing that you are transmitting. SMS and email is sent silently as your device operates normally.

HelpMe Pro installs as an application and a widget placing a big red shiny button on your device screen (we strongly recommend you place the widget button on a screen that is quick and easy to maneuver to). One touch of the button and it will send an email notification, SMS notification, and make a call to the configurable chosen contacts, alerting them that you are in trouble and need immediate help. All alerts, except phone call, contain the address information of where you are located and the address information is updated with each notification (so if you move 1 block, your new location is updated on next notification). HelpMe Pro will continue to send notifications at configurable intervals until the user cancels the signal or help arrives.

Everything is very flexible and configurable. The HelpMe Pro SMS and email notification will include GPS location address, a distress signal and a customized distress signal. Everything is done in silence if configured to operate in Quiet Mode.

HelpMe Pro can help the elderly, a child or even an adult with the touch of a button on your device. The configurable contacts in HelpMe Pro are derived straight from your device contact list. You can have anyone as a contact; hospital, doctor, parent, spouse, nurse, 911, anyone that needs alerted and is capable of providing help. Each contact can be configured within HelpMe Pro to use specific contact methods, office, home, mobile, etc.

Email, SMS and phone notifications are 100% configurable. Let HelpMe Pro protect those you love.

Your child gets off at the wrong bus stop or is lost, frightened, in trouble they simply hit the red HelpMe Pro button and their location is instantly sent to the contacts you have configured. This app was built to use low end devices, so you do not have to purchase an expansive device for your child.